A weekend in San Diego – Part one

You can find part two here.

This Thanksgiving, Jordan and I decided to endeavor on another road-trip to our favorite place. Cali-forn-ia! This state captured our hearts almost 3 years ago when Jordan first showed me Los Angeles. And today,  if there is one place where I can feel totally alive –it’s here. I am not sure if it’s the spectacular array of nature-themed scenery, how the ocean’s presence can literally captivate your spirit, or how the California culture gently reminds you of the significant things in life. Your health, your environment and your loved ones.

There is just something really special about being there.

This time we ventured southern on the coastline to San Diego. Neither Jordan nor I had ever been, so we were really excited to go in blindly and simply explore. Last time we visited the west coast, we stayed with friends in Long Beach and it was such a blast to actually be engrained with the locals.

So, to recreate that great experience I looked to Airbnb for a rental. After searching, I discovered a little flat located across from Mission Beach. It was artsy, cozy and the perfect location to feel apart of the culture. It was quite small but perfect for what we needed. There were two sets of doors you could open to the patio to help bring  the outside in which really made the space feel larger.

What was really cool about our location was that we were literally surrounded by water. On each side of our street were these vegetation-filled alleys that snaked between each house and led you directly to the water. In front of us was the beach and to the back the bay. There were lots of restaurants and shops in walking distance. Some were literally steps away.

Before heading out on our first adventure, I took full advantage of a well-stocked kitchen. Our host had a rainbow of teas to choose from, so I couldn’t resist. After relaxing for a bit, we went out seeking food. At this point, we weren’t sure on whether our dinner would represent the familiar Thanksgiving meal or if we were feeling a little more adventurous.

The Gaslamp district in San Diego is known for its vast array of quality restaurants, shops, pubs, and bars. It was literally one restaurant after another. Each menu completely unique from the rest. After surveying the 10+ restaurants we walked by, one menu kept calling our name.

Sometime it’s hard to miss out on an annual tradition. Plus, Henry’s Pub was the perfect kind of dining environment for us. A slightly laid back atmosphere with classic dishes featuring creative ingredients. I started with a sweet potato squash soup. This was probably my favorite part of the meal. It was slightly sweet from the potato with earthy tones from the squash. To balance the sweetness, there was  an added kick of spice. Not one I could distinguish though, and now I wish I would have asked. Maybe next time.

Jordan went with a salad as his first course and it was delectable as well. Fresh, lightly dressed and sprinkled with ingredients that literally jumped in your mouth–strawberries, fresh figs, prosciutto and candied pecans. Our next course was pretty qquintessential when it comes to the classic turkey meal. I couldn’t get any pictures because it was so dark at this point. But you can probably imagine a plate filled with sliced turkey, a small mound of mashed potatoes and gravy, a good helping of stuffing and of course cranberry sauce. While it was pretty tasty, it was not as flavorful as our first courses. Still satisfying nonetheless.

And the grand finale! I had to get a picture of this pie, so the phone had to do for some photography. It was delicious! Exactly how a pecan pie should tast. Gooey, sweet and slightly smokey from the roasted pecans. Perfection, people! We ended our night with a quick walk to the beach and then headed straight to bed! Well rested for our next day’s adventures. Which I’ll be posting Friday!