Blind Lady Ale House – San Diego Review

As promised, I have one last installment of San Diego reviews. At least for now.

When we do decide to return, I feel like this eccentric eatery will be one of our stops. The Blind Lady House serves perfectly charred brick-oven pizzas and an expansive menu of craft beers — a perfect match in my culinary heaven. And what makes it even more special is that we totally stumbled upon this place by accident. After looking for food near Balboa Park and University Heights, we eventually found ourselves in Normal Heights. Ravenous and desperate to find parking.

Several u-turns and a couple parallel parking attempts later, we were free to wander. The restaurant’s giant windows drew us in, but it was definitely the impressive menu of craft beers that made us stay.

We decided to go with a pitcher of their Hefewiezen. It was extremely crisp and had a gentle aroma of citrus. We had no need for the usual addition of lemon as it was already slightly tart. One tasty beer.

I will note that after drinking two glasses, it is also one of the strongest hefes I’ve had. Lots of water ensued.

Our pizza arrived in good time after we ordered and it looked amazing! We went with a version that was packed with pancetta, Italian sausage, spinach and basil. The sausage and pancetta added a salty element, but was nicely balanced by the fresh basil and sweet spinach. The crust was really the star here with its super crispy, slightly charred dough. With each bite, you could clearly taste the yeasty undertones. A perfect harmony of pizza essentials.

It was really by chance that we stumbled into the lap of BLAH — perfect mistake really. We loved everything about it. The atmosphere was casual and slightly rustic. The beer was plenty and wisely chosen. And the food was memorable. We will definitely be back for another visit.

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