Roasted Vegetable Orzo Salad with Feta + Chickpeas

I find myself making these kind of “throw it together” salads quite often. My favorite combinations involve some kind of grain or pasta, an abundance of roasted vegetables, a lean protein and a simple dressing like olive oil and white wine vinegar. It’s fresh, light and always incredibly flavorful. I like to prepare a big batch on Sunday, so my work week lunches are a snap.  Most times, I pack the prepped salad with some raw spinach or spring greens. When lunch time comes around, I rewarm the vegetable salad and simply throw them over the dressed greens. This version is just as tasty chilled or at room temperature, which also makes it a no-fuss party dish. Serve as a bed for grilled halibut and you’ve easily elevated it to rival any restaurant quality dish.


The base of the salad is made up of orzo, which looks like a grain but is actually semolina pasta formed in the shape of rice. It’s just as easy to cook as spaghetti and personally, I just think the little bits of pasta are just plain cute. I really wanted to call this recipe “Confetti Veggie Pasta Salad” because the diverse range of colors mixed with flecks of white makes me think of birthday parties, parades and classic game shows.

The roasted vegetables studded throughout the salad are bursting with flavor and help pack a nutrient punch. Their natural sweetness compliments the salty feta and vinegar, so one bite is really like a party for your palate. Do you see the theme we’ve got going on here — this salad is just plain fun. It’s simple to make (a bit of preparation but everything just mixes together at the end) but still robust in flavors – making any work-week lunch one worth celebrating.


You can find the recipe here.

8 thoughts on “Roasted Vegetable Orzo Salad with Feta + Chickpeas

    • Morgan says:

      Hi Julia! Chickpeas are my favorite too. I probably should start cooking them from scratch since I go through so many cans of them. It probably would be a bit cheaper :)

  1. Craig says:

    Morgan your recipes are great! I am making your steak quiche now and just saw your roasted red pepper Orzo salad and I’m going to make that for dinner tonight. I think your right and I’m going to add a nice slice of fish to top off the meal. Keep the great recipes coming!

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