Quick Tip Friday – Slow Cooker Beans


Since trying to reduce my reliance on animal products, I’ve had to be creative in finding other sources of protein. A few of my favorites include raw nuts, seeds and legumes or beans. The last two are my favorites. Beans are great in soup, as a salad topper, whipped into a spread, roasted for a snack, in tacos or burritos and baked into casseroles.

For a long time, I only enjoyed beans already prepared from a can because they were convenient, ready to use and appeared affordable (even organic will only run you a buck or two). That is until I visited the bulk aisle and realized how much money I could save if I just purchased dried and cooked them on my own.

savings per cup of beans = $0.35

The problem is I didn’t have the time to stand nearby a boiling pot of water for multiple hours since I’m at work for the better part of the day. I gave my slow cooker a thought and decided to research the different methods for cooking beans. To my delight, I stumbled across this post from TheKitchn.

Now that I’ve discovered the slow cooker is a perfect method for cooking dried beans, I can take advantage of the savings they provide. The process is incredibly straight forward and will work with any type of bean – from navy and kidney beans to garbanzo and black. I start the slow cooker in the morning and either have my husband Jordan check on them after four hours or come home for lunch to do it myself. When it’s time to start dinner, the beans are ready to be eaten or used as a base for a recipe.

Not only will I reap the benefits of saving money over time, I’ve also eliminated the waste of cans by utilizing my bulk aisle and reusable linen bags. Oh, and I did I mention they taste about ten times better than canned?

Its hard to argue the value of cooking your own beans.


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