I Am Enough: A Love Letter to Myself

I-am-enough-a-love-letter-to-myselfI wrote this piece as a reminder to myself. And I read it whenever I’m drudging through life, feeling less-than-great about my worth. I hope you find the value in its message and the simplicity of its truth.

Say to yourself, “I am enough.” Now, believe it.

Feel your heart rest as you let go of expectation. Melt into your seat as you fall deeper into the joy of feeling present. And believe in the truth that stands: you—exactly as you are today—are enough.

And because you’re enough in this very moment and every second in between, you deserve to be loved and belong. It’s as simple as that. No fluff, no frills, no bullshit.

So, my dear, you can stop racing through life, trying to be everything to everyone. Let go of overwhelm and the unattainable goal to “conquer it all.”

Stop measuring the richness of your day by what you did or didn’t get done. Because accomplishments are fleeting, but the fullness of joy and gratitude are always available to you.

You just have to believe that you are enough. Just as you are in this moment—no contingencies, no requirements, no expectations.

How do I know this?

Because you are an integral piece of this life that’s connected to everything around you. You are made up of the very things that created this universe. And it’s your birthright to feel worthy of living a full, rich life.

Now, go out and live it.


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